Creating a Wedding Ceremony Unique to You

Creating a unique wedding day is something we hear our couples wanting to do in each and every consult. And while this can be any number of things, we love when special elements are added to the wedding ceremony. This sacred moment of becoming husband and wife should be unique to your relationship and there are so many ways you can make that happen. Kaiteann and Drew had a few during their day that we loved so we wanted to make a list of some of our favorite ceremony additions.

Choosing Someone Special to Walk You Down the Aisle

We love the moment that a dad gets to walk his little girl down the aisle, but we’ve also seen many other sweet options. Kaiteann’s dad passed away and seeing the photos of her mom walking her down the aisle were so special.

Special Music and Readings

Adding music and readings unique to your relationship is one of the simplest ways to make a ceremony special to you. This allows for you to show off your style, verses that are important to your future marriage and bring in special parts of your relationship.

Communion During the Wedding Ceremony

Sharing communion during your wedding ceremony never fails to be an intimate moment during the ceremony. The couple shares the body and blood of Christ as they start their marriage with the promises that they have made to each other.

Unity Symbol

Coming together as one is shown in many ways during a ceremony. We’ve seen it done with a unity candle, crosses, and sand. But the options here are truly endless! You can find so many ideas so that it fits you best. A quick search on Pinterest brings a lot of inspiration if you want to incorporate this into your day!

Feet Washing

Similar to what Jesus did for his disciples, couples will wash each other’s feet as a symbol of being humble and willing to serve in their marriage. We’ve seen this in ceremonies and in the moments leading up to it, but it’s always special to see couples do this for each other.

The amazing vendor team that brought Kaiteann and Drew’s day to life:

Transportation: SA Limo Connection
Linens: Peerless Events & Tents
Cake Baker: The Exclusive Cake Shop
DJ: At Last Entertainment
Dress Designer: Maggie Sottero
Bridal Store: Olivia Grace Bridal
Men’s Wear: Al’s Formal Wear
Bridesmaids Dresses: Dessy Group

August 6, 2023