is to create floral designs as unique and beautiful as your love story; to invite your guests to an experience that delights.

our mission

We tell love stories through nature’s most beautiful medium

When the going gets tough, the tough get creative

Happy tears are always welcome at Reiley and Rose

We do what it takes to bring our couples’ vision to life

We aren’t like regular florists, we’re cool florists

the r+r manifesto

We certainly love flowers - but what we love even more, is beautiful love stories. We take pride in getting to know our couples, and building life long friendships. We're not just here for the vows - we're here for all the special moments after, too! From babies, to homes - new jobs and heartache - we'll be here to love and support you through it all! That's what family is for - and when you choose Reiley and Rose, you join our family. 

Planning a wedding can be stressful - we get it. We've even been there! That's why our team of designers are here to help make this process as fun and enjoyable as possible. When you book Reiley and Rose for your floral needs - you're not just getting beautifully designed wedding flowers. You're getting a girl gang to love, support and hype you up on the biggest day of your life! 



Meet the Reiley + Rose 

after hours

Have a tool someone at the wedding will need in his toolbox.

most likely to...

Does an ear of corn count?

favorite bloom

Darren is the man of our team. From heavy lifting, trailer hauling and installation engineering, He does it all. Most wedding days, you'll find him doing all of the ladder climbing, lifting, and then walking around broom in hand making sure the floors are spotless! 



Drive a tractor, mow the grass or hang out with my grandkids! 

Hanging with the R+R girls, online shoe shopping, and “studying” aka napping

after hours

Make everyone eat street tacos for lunch

most likely to...

king protea or juliette garden rose! 

favorite bloom

Emily is our sweet college intern. While we don't get her all year, (we sure wish we did) the few months a year that we do, you'll find her knockin' out personal flowers and on-site on the big day!



Running in the backyard chasing squirrels, afternoon naps and playing with moms shoes. 

after hours

Eat flowers in the shop, and get into places I don't belong! 

most likely to...

Poppies (I mean, duh)

favorite bloom

Poppy is the newest member of the R+R Team! She is our Head Pup and definitely the cutest of all of us. She'll greet you at the studio door with lots of love! 



I like to fish, hang with friends and family, and enjoy a cold beer! 

after hours

Know someone at your wedding! 

most likely to...

Do I really have to pick? Juliet garden rose, Astrantia, and ranunculus.. just to name a few

favorite bloom

I wear several different hats here at R+R, from floral designer to head OCD organizer and everything in between. I will most likely be the first person you come into contact with here at Reiley and Rose.



Hanging with my hubby, Trev—always with wine in hand! 

after hours

Risk bodily harm to place a floral installation or ask your baker for left over icing! 

most likely to...

Japanese Ranunculus

favorite bloom

I’m the wild one of the R+R bunch! I'm a registered nurse, getting my masters in administration—by day. But on the weekends, I'm all about the flower game. When it comes to installations—I'm the queen! 



Hanging out with friends listening to Texas Country music and sipping a glass of red wine

after hours

Risk bodily harm to place a floral installation

most likely to...

I'm a sucker for Zinnias

favorite bloom

I founded Reiley and Rose six years ago! I have a love of flowers, and passion for all things design. I’m the voice behind most communication for R+R and the one tasked with most big decision making. 



“I get by with a little (A LOT OF) help from my friends.” This is so true for our R+R family. We all do whatever it takes to make our events the very essence of your dream. Check out some of the gals that make our wheels go ‘round! Quite simply – they’re the best in the biz. 

About Us

I wish I had a beautiful, inspiring story about how I've always loved flowers and dreamed of owning my own business, then made that dream a reality. But the truth is, my story started completely different. Lost and confused in college—not sure where to turn, I stumbled upon the Benz School of Floral Design. Three years later, I graduated with a B.A. in Floral Design from Texas A&M University. I had big plans to join the event industry and plan incredible events throughout Texas. Little did I know, my love and passion would stay rooted in flowers and the beauty of design. 

After graduating, I worked under a wedding florist for a year designing and loving all things weddings, but I knew there was more out there for me. Here began the Reiley and Rose Floral Design Studio. Reiley, from my last name, and the very core of my existence. The part of me that means the very most: family. Then there's Rose, which comes from my sweet Grandmother's name: Rosemary. The matriarch of our Reiley family, and my biggest cheerleader and supporter. From day one of its existence, Reiley and Rose has had a big reputation to uphold.

I didn't find flowers, Flowers found me.

The R + R Story

how it began

As Seen In

Lindy + Troy

Megan was SO incredible at listening to my vision, helping me think through ideas, and using her creativity to not only bring my vision to life, but make it SO much more than I could’ve ever imagined. Her team worked in the freezing cold and rain all day long, at an outdoor venue and never ever stopped smiling or working to make our day so so perfect. We couldn’t have picked a better florist for our wedding day and we are so incredibly grateful for Reiley and Rose! The entire night people were saying that the florals were the most beautiful they had ever seen, and we agree!!! Every aspect, from the florals on the cross, to the centerpieces, to our floral “H” at the cake table was so perfectly put together. R&R is UNMATCHED!!! We love you!

Reiley and rose is a wedding day MUST!

Jennifer + Dustin

Megan was by far my favorite vendor we used for our wedding. Everyone was RAVING about all of the flowers and I still get compliments to this day on how beautiful the floral was. She was truly amazing to work with and took my vision to life while working on our budget. I highly recommend any bride to use Megan, I promise you wont be disappointed. I will always be in awe of the floral tree.


love notes

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