Floral Pricing for Wedding Days

While we love wedding days full of flowers, there is a price that comes with that. And we want to do our best to openly talk about this so that future couples can know what to expect when planning their wedding day. Often pricing can be a topic that is shied away from but we think the more informed couples can be, the better!

Pricing Minimums

Let’s start with pricing minimums because most wedding florists have these for full-service wedding days! Ours is $5000 and is what you are required to spend for us to create a full floral package for your wedding day. Now, there can be ways around this if you plan to do only personal flowers and pick them up yourself. However, if you are wanting centerpieces, ceremony arches, hanging boxes or any other sort of installation, you should expect to be looking at full-service wedding packages for your wedding.

Ideas for Wedding Pricing

Before we get into the next section, know that these prices will very much change. As of April 2023, this is what we are seeing for our couple’s wedding days. My hope with these is that you use the prices below to help give you an idea of things for your planning. But remember to keep an open mind when talking with your florist!

All white bridal bouquet inspiration for classic pink and black wedding in Woodbine Mansion. | Austin Wedding Floral Designer | Reiley + Rose


starting at $250

I think the first shock we most often see in floral prices for our couples is the cost of the bride’s bouquet. More flowers than you think go into these! And therefore, the price is usually much more than a couple expects.

Ombre pink bridesmaids bouquets at classic Woodbine Mansion wedding in Austin, TX. | Austin Wedding Floral Designer | Reiley + Rose



Think bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages. These can add up quicker than most people realize. So as you make your list of people to receive them, think carefully to make sure you don’t use up your budget!

Pink and white ombre ceremony arch for outside wedding at Woodbine Mansion in Austin, TX. | Austin Wedding Floral Designer | Reiley + Rose


starting at $1500

This one is hard to put a price tag on because of the variation you can create in a ceremony arch.

White floral arrangements for outdoor wedding ceremony. | Austin Wedding Floral Designer | Reiley + Rose


starting at $150

Aisle arrangements are a great way to round out your ceremony space if you have room for them down the aisle. They can also be moved to other places after the ceremony so that the arrangements can be used for more than the ceremony.

Votive and tapered candle pricing for wedding day in Austin, TX. | Austin Wedding Floral Designer | Reiley + Rose


$5 – $12

Candles are one of our favorite ways to round out a table setting. You can use them to add a pop of color or varying heights to your decor. And they really round out a table setting by pairing perfectly with floral arrangements.

White and pink floral compote centerpieces for Austin, TX wedding at Woodbine Mansion. | Austin Wedding Floral Designer | Reiley + Rose


$75 – $350

Centerpieces are one of the biggest variations in floral budgets. Pricing changes depending on the size, flowers used and number needed. Your guest count affects this pricing the most!

Bud vase inspiration for wedding day decor. | Austin Wedding Floral Designer | Reiley + Rose


$12 – 20

Whether these are a single flower stem or a small group of them, we love using bud vases to fill in the gaps! This are great to pair with candes for a lower cost table setting or in other areas around your venue such as cocktail tables, with a lounge or on the cake table.

Wedding detail photos with pink and white flowers and rings. | Austin Wedding Floral Designer | Reiley + Rose



I’m mentioning these because they are so often forgotten. You should request these from your florist because they are not always included and you don’t want your photographer taking apart any of your arrangements for these photos!

What to Consider for Floral Pricing

Many things can affect how far your floral budget can go on your wedding day. The type of flowers you choose, if those flowers are in season, how big your space is – the list could truly go on and on. Here are a few we suggest couples pay particular attention to when planning.

12 bridesmaids rather than 6

We know that you want all of your friends in your wedding day, but the addition of bridesmaid bouquets makes a huge difference in a wedding budget. I’m not telling you that you should remove one of your friends from your list for this, but I do think it’s important to keep in mind!

350 guests vs. 100 guests

Yes, your guest count can drastically affect your floral cost. The more tables you have, the more centerpieces you need and the higher amount you should expect to spend. So not only does more guests mean more food, but it also means flowers.

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The amazing vendor team that brought this day to life:

Venue: Woodbine Mansion

Planning: Bianca Nichole + Co.

Photography: Britni Dean Photography

Videography: Sullins Films

Florist: Reiley and Rose

Band: The Nightowls

Catering & Bar: Austin Catering

Cakes: Iced Cakes

Hair & Makeup: Hannah Zahner

Lounge Rentals: Bee Lavish

Rentals: Premiere Events

Invitations & Custom Crest: Pink Champagne Designs

Day of Signage & Paper Goods: Design to Flourish

May 2, 2023